Mission: To prevent social ills and promote wellbeing by translating scientific knowledge into

effective and sustainable practices, systems and policies.

The NPSC is a nonprofit organization and a translational body for facilitating the transfer of information from the basic sciences to the public and private sectors.  P-TRAN Director and President of this organization, Dr. Diana Fishbein, plays an integral role in overseeing, coordinating and directing the NPSC.  The coalition is an informal association of prominent scientists, educators, community stakeholders, practitioners and clinicians, policy-makers, advocates, and foundation representatives from across the Nation.  We share a common goal of applying scientific findings toward improving the lives of children and adolescents, and their families and communities, to prevent adversity and the mental and behavioral health challenges that they cause.  Our research and policy goals mirror those established by the Institute of Medicine report on prevention (2009) of MEBs.


NPSC and P-TRAN work in a nonpartisan manner with several congressional offices and caucuses on issues such as poverty and juvenile justice where some are incorporating the evidence-based knowledge we convey in proposed legislation.  We have organized several congressional briefings that were widely attended by members of Congress and their staffers, plus many national organizations, institutions and federal agencies.  Several Federal funding agency administrators (e.g., NIH, SAMHSA, ONDCP, CDC, etc.) act as advisors. We also work with like-minded groups, organizations and agencies and hope to expand on those partnerships and to maximize their potential.

Congressional Briefing Topics: